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3/5/2021 - Herd Immunity Interview Part 2

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3/5/2021 - Herd Immunity Interview Part 2

Dr. Paul Auwaerter continues his interview with Malia Jones, PhD, MPH about COVID-19 herd immunity. Topics: *Will COVID-19 herd immunity look like influenza “herd immunity”? *Issues with herd immunity through native infection *Native immunity vs. Vaccine immunity *Can we eradicate COVID-19?


Paul G. Auwaerter, MD, MBA, FIDSA

Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Diseases​​
Sherrilyn and Ken Fisher Professor of Medicine​​
Fisher Center for Environmental Infectious Diseases
​​ Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Malia Jones, PhD, MPH

Associate Scientist in Health Geography
UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory
Editor-in-Chief at Dear Pandemic

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